New dimensions of realism for KeyShot

Realistic environments and 3D objects for product staging

Creating the right ambience is key if you want to give your renderings a realistic impression. To bring the scene to life, you will usually need additional content besides your own CAD data, such as 3D objects and HDRI illumination backgrounds.

The 2D and 3D bundles by DOSCH DESIGN offer a wide range of detailed and fully textured high-quality 3D models, complete 3D scenes, textures, HDRIs and backplates for KeyShot enabling you to perfectly set the scene for your products.

The bundles are delivered on a USB hard drive and can be used license-free, so there will be no additional costs for commercial use.

DOSCH 3D-Bundles for KeyShot

    DOSCH High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) Bundles for KeyShot

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