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KeyShot 10 Version Overview

The full list of features and enhancements in KeyShot 10, along with information on how each feature works, can be found here:

KeyShot 10.2

KeyShot 10.2 introduces several improvements and tools including functions such as “Simplify Mesh”, a new option when separating object surfaces, new thumbnail styles for the library and glittering flakes for the material Axalta Paint. In addition, the import of gltF / glB has been improved and expanded to include USD.

Simplify Mesh

The number of polygons of geometries that are imported into KeyShot without NURBS can now be easily reduced, allowing the geometry to be optimised and prepared for AR export.

New option: Separate object surfaces

The object surfaces can now be selected more easily using the Shift key or the pressed Alt key. With the Shift key pressed, the polygons are selected by drawing a rectangle. The selection with the pressed Alt key is made using a brush selection tool, the size of which can be freely defined.

Thumbnail styles for the library

The preview images in the library can now be freely selected. With a right-click on selected groups or individual elements in the tab of the materials the menu “Thumbnails style” appears. Individual preview images can be generated here.

Axalta Paint – flakes

Axalta Paint materials can be complemented by glittering, shimmering flakes in the material properties.

AR import / export

Import of gltF / glB is possible and is supported with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials. This enables additional elements to be easily added without the need for the time-consuming reworking of the materials. The glB format also supports Draco compressed formats. The export of the AR formats also supports data compression with Draco.

KeyShot 10.1

With KeyShot 10, Luxion introduced consolidated light management, advanced keyframe and environment animation capabilities, the all-new Smart Export for a wide variety of 3D output options, and a completely redesigned Move Tool for improved accessibility and placement.

KeyShot 10.1 brings additions to complement both feature and workflow with Collision Detection and Part Settling, Smart Export to multiple AR formats at once, USD Import, and multi-selection for both Light Manager and Keyframe Animation. Along with these updates, Luxion has launched KeyShot Portal with new trial licensing for improved management and accessibility of KeyShot licenses.

The entire list of features and improvements in KeyShot 10, along with information on how each feature works, is available in the KeyShot 10 What’s New Page. Key new features include:

Collision Detection and Settle

KeyShot 10.1 includes basic Collision Detection of objects, along with the ability to Settle items on other objects and the ground. Included in the new Move Tool, Collision Detection and Settle is useful for scene setup when objects need a more realistic arrangement on the ground or amongst other objects. Collision Detection may also be used separately as an easy way to align objects while keeping them aware and separate from other objects in the scene.

Smart Export/Import Enhancements

KeyShot 10.1 introduces the ability to export a KeyShot file into separate USDz and GLB files as part of one export process that performs the Baking and UV unwrapping together, allowing easy creation of files that work for both Apple iOS (USDz) devices and Android/Web (glTF/GLB). Baking and UV Unwrapping can now also be canceled. USD import has also been added to the Import options for KeyShot to allow you to advance the appearance of their model then export it to multiple AR platforms.

Lighting Enhancements

For the Light Manager, KeyShot 10.1 introduces the ability to select and control multiple lights simultaneously, making proportional adjustments to the entirety of a scene’s lighting or select lighting, fast and efficient. KeyShot 10.1 also improves Light Gizmo and Light Manager usage by introducing the ability to sync changes and undo changes using Ctrl-Z (Windows)/command-Z (Mac) or via the Edit, Undo menu.

Keyframe Animation Enhancements

KeyShot 10.1 introduces the ability to select multiple keyframes at once from within the Animation Timeline, using Ctrl (Windows)/command (Mac). Additionally, multiple keyframes may be copied and pasted along the same node using Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V (Windows)/command-C + command-V (Mac) or pasted as mirrored. Lastly, Custom Easing Curves may now also be edited for multiple animations at once.

KeyShot Portals

For KeyShot 10.1, we’re excited to introduce KeyShot Portal, a new platform that allows you to access and manage their KeyShot trial licenses, streamlines license management for Luxion sales, support and licensing, and lays the groundwork for subscription product license options in the future.

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