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License is valid for one year!

KeyVR by Luxion enables fast, interactive VR experience without programming.

  • One-click VR
  • Minimal preparation
  • No Coding
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Retrieve any KSP- oder Bip-file. You can interactively explore your scene. You can install KeyVR standalone and explore existing KeyShot scenes. Multi-Material, animation and Model Sets are supported.


  • Explore you’re in scene in VR
  • No coding
  • Multi-Materials
  • Model Sets
  • Environment
  • Cameras
  • Animation
  • Physics
  • Ground shadow
  • Screen Shot


  • To activate your license, you need an Internet connection
  • KeyShot KSP- or Bip- Files
  • Software for VR-Headsets, Steam VR, Oculus Experience, Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR


  • Scene size depends on available hardware
  • Some materials have limitations, please check documentation.

Minimum hardware requirements

  • VR-Brille, Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080, P5000 or better
  • AMD Vega 64 or better

Supported OS  Windows 7 / 10 . Documentation is in English