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KeyShot Training

Why KeyShot Training?

No doubt, KeyShot is the easiest and fastest to learn 3D CGI rendering software available. But as in any discipline, even the best tools alone don’t make you a master.

Besides detailed instruction on features and functions, KeyShot workshops and training by INNEO provide the background information and fundamentals for creating realistic 3D visuals – from manipulation of material types to detailed physics of light and ray bouncing such as refraction, scattering and many more.

Courses are available as standard training or custom Workshops for beginners, advanced and experienced users – each on-site or in our Training Centre in Wootton Wawen, Warwickshire.

Advanced Training

Still Images (1 day)
Model import and best practice model preparation –  materials, textures and Labels – environments and lighting – cameras and scene sets – render Settings – …plus other hints and tips to help create the scenes you want quickly and smoothly.

Animations & VR (1 – 2 days)
Camera animations – model animations – material animations – KeyShotXR Options – …plus other hints and tips to help create the scenes you want quickly and smoothly.

KeyShot Support

Need support? No problem.

Our Technical Support is available for all KeyShot customers with an INNEO service contract.
A maintenance contract will give you access to hotline service, free software updates, error treatment, online tools and much more

Access INNEO Technical Support

…or contact our technical Support staff:

  00800 4200 4300 (free call)
or +49 (0) 7961 890-800 (toll)


Don’t have a Service Contract?

…or contact our ISS team to learn more about INNEO Service contracts:

+44 (0) 1564 793720


DOSCH 3D and HDRI Bundles for KeyShot

Detailed and fully textured high-quality 3D models, complete 3D scenes, textures, HDRIs and backplates for KeyShot.

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